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Meet Eileen

Meet Eileen Filler-Corn

Dark money groups are spreading lies about Eileen. Here is the truth: Eileen Filler-Corn is a mom-on-a-mission turned Virginia Speaker of the House who took on Republicans to protect abortion rights and defend our democracy and voting rights.

  • Eileen was the first woman Speaker of the House of Delegates in Virginia’s 400-year history — passing some of the most transformative legislation in the country. 
  • Eileen stood up to MAGA extremists, leading the charge to repeal right-wing abortion restrictions and make Virginia a sanctuary for reproductive rights in the South.
  • Eileen also defended our democracy and voting rights and took swift action against election deniers.
  • Eileen will bring that fearlessness to Washington to stand up to Trump and MAGA extremists and block a national abortion ban in its tracks.
  • That’s why she’s endorsed by Congressman Jamie Raskin, former Governor Ralph Northam, former Attorney General Mark Herring, and dozens of other Democratic leaders.

Get the Facts

  • Eileen was never a lobbyist for Big Pharma or Big Tobacco. In fact, she took on the pharmaceutical industry to cap the price of insulin in Virginia.
  • Eileen stood against Big Oil. She is an environmental champion with a 96% lifetime vote rating from the Sierra Club, a 100% vote rating from the Climate Cabinet Action, and 96% vote rating from the League of Conservation Voters.
  • Eileen never took inappropriate gifts. She is being attacked for traveling to a Women’s Leadership Conference and as part of a bipartisan delegation to Israel.


Now more than ever, we need women on the frontlines defending our rights and our freedom. Eileen Filler-Corn is the only woman for the job.